Green Light GO

Our Mission

Green Light Get Outside (also known as Green Light GO and GLGO) supports the cultivation of healthy relationships with self, others, and nature.


 We achieve our Mission by partnering with schools to deliver a social emotional learning curriculum that cultivates healthy communication, self-confidence, self-regulation, and social-emotional skill building. Our innovative learning program and outdoor experiences give young people opportunities to communicate openly and authentically, build trust and empathy, as well as take the personal responsibility necessary to support the development of healthy relationships with self, others, and nature.

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About Us

For more than 30 years, Mr. Ted Wimberg curated and cultivated a social emotional learning curriculum and facilitated wilderness experience workshops that transformed the lives of hundreds of youth in Yolo County, California. Upon his retirement from teaching in 2018,  Ted’s colleagues, who had experienced his work and seen how it had benefited his students, created Green Light Get Outside to ensure that the program Ted developed with such passion and care did not come to an end with his retirement. 


Green Light GO was founded to share Mr. Wimberg’s unique curriculum more broadly and support additional teachers in delivering it, while also evolving and refining the curriculum for the needs of today’s youth.  In addition to expanding the availability of the curriculum, Green Light GO is committed to building the infrastructure needed for wilderness experiences, such as gear libraries, mentor and volunteer support systems, and the stewardship of wild outdoor spaces. Through this commitment, our organization will continue to create the outdoor “learning labs” that were so integral to Mr. Wimberg’s program’s success – using nature as an extension of the classroom, where students are able to put their learning and new skills into practice and truly challenge themselves to grow and thrive. 


While Mr. Wimberg was somehow able to be a classroom teacher, wilderness club advisor, and run an Opportunity program for at-risk youth, while also managing the gear library and logistics to facilitate multiple overnight wilderness adventures every year, we know this is a TALL order for any school team, and most certainly for any individual teacher! Green Light GO was founded to partner closely with schools and educators to allow them to offer our innovative curriculum and one-of-a-kind wilderness experiences to their students, without overtaxing their existing and often limited resources. This is the kind of partnership and collaboration that can and does change lives for the better!


We look forward to your partnership and and appreciate your support in helping us to change lives! 


ted winberg

Ted Wimberg

Founder and Guiding Light

Sarah Barnes

Instructional Coach and Volunteer Outreach Coordinator
jason spencer

Jason Spencer

Founder and Project Director